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Biography of Dr. Kelvin McCune

"My God-given purpose in life is to lead people to Christ and to equip others to do the same." –Dr. McCuneBorn in Trinidad West Indies, Dr. McCune is of a third generation Christian family formerly of Hindu background. Dr. McCune received Christ as His Lord and Savior in 1969. Ever since, God has graced him with the gifts of pastoring and teaching. These gifts were enhanced and came to maturity through the Holy Spirit's leading both in ministry and theological training.

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A Message From The Executive Director

We, who are saved have been set apart for salvation. Our salvation came through the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit ministers in our hearts leading us to believe in the truth. The truth of the gospel message which is the truth that salvation is only possible through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. When we put our faith in Christ Jesus as our Lord and Savior, God gives us the Holy Spirit. God promises that He will never remove His Spirit from us. Therefore, the Holy Spirit is God's guarantee to us that we will one day get to heaven. However, while we are alive on earth the Holy Spirit is empowering us to go throughout the world to tell others that Jesus Christ is the Savior, the one and only true Messiah.There is never any confusion with whatever the Holy Spirit is doing. He works through us by giving us understanding, order and a sound mind. What then is the process? First we have to hear the gospel message. That is that Jesus Christ who is God came and died for our sins. He was buried and then arose again the third day. When we hear the wonderful Good News, the Holy Spirit convicts our hearts and leads us to a place of repentance and belief in Christ as our Savior. When by faith we call on the name of the Lord Jesus to be our Savior we are born again. The Holy Spirit then leads us to a Bible Church where He uses those whom He has gifted to teach God's word, to minister God's inspired oracle into our mind and hearts. This process is called discipleship. The reason for discipleship is because He wants to raise us up to be laborers for the harvest field. God's harvest field is everyone in the world who has not yet received Christ as their Lord and Savior.

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