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Our primary focus is evangelism. Working with local churches, we are conducting Bible teaching, medical outreach and children ministry. Through these ministries the gospel message will go forth. In these mission trips we see hundreds come to Christ. By fervent prayer and the proclaiming of the gospel we have faith that many will receive Christ as their Lord and Savior.



CEMI Childrens Ministry

Children's Ministry

The Children's Ministry directed by Sister Dosha Dixon will conduct Bible classes and games as a means to minister to the children as well as lead many to Christ. We anticipate that hundreds of children will be blessed through these ministries.




CEMI Medical Evangelism

Medical Evangelism

Dr. Jolan Rhodes, M.D. is CEMI's medical director. Temporary medical clinics will be established in several villages. Our medical team will also minister to the needs of the people. We once again believe that God will bless us to provide medical treatment which includes free medication to all who attend. The main focus of the medical clinics is evangelism. Before and after seeing the doctor every patient will hear the gospel message. Every year we see hundreds come to Christ through this method of medical evangelism.


CEMI Bible Training

Bible Training

The Holy Spirit has been using us to equip the saints worldwide by expository teaching from the word. Our Bible teachers teach from various books of the Bible verse by verse. Emphasis is placed on the theology and Christology of the text. CEMI through the support of many are able to sponsor church leaders from the Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, northern Uganda, and other countries to attend these classes. These classes will be held daily. Equipping the saints for the work of evangelism is the greatest need in world missions.


CEMI PastoralTraining

Pastoral Training

Another very important goal of our ministry in East Africa is to train pastors. This year we will host about three hundred pastors. Most will be from Uganda. Others will be from our ministry in the Congo, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. This year pastors will receive training in the following areas: How to develop evangelism in the local church, How to equip leaders for children ministry and how to develop an effective prayer ministry. Dr. Kelvin M. McCune will lead this ministry.


CEMI Education Ministry

Education Ministry

This ministry is led by Sister Deborah Blake. This focus is on training leaders how to teach reading using the phonics system. Ministry leaders from the Congo, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda will benefit from this training. God said in His word, blessed is he who reads the word (Rev. 1:3). In order for the saints to grow spiritually and not be deceived by fake doctrine, they have to be able to read God's word. Once the leaders have been taught this method, they will return to their villages and communities to teach others. A main focus in this ministry is evangelism.


CEMI Womens Ministry

Women's  Ministry

This ministry has a two-fold purpose–to equip women leaders how to conduct expository teaching and to encourage the lay members in the word of God and how to apply God's word to their lives. Theology and Christology will be emphasized through this teaching. This ministry also has a focus on evangelizing unbelievers who attend these sessions. Expository teaching will be conducted in specific churches and villages under trees if facilities are unavailable. Training materials will be provided to those who are identified as leaders of women's ministries and they will be equipped to conduct expository teaching to the women of their congregations and women of their villages.