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Pastors Fellowship Vision

The purpose of the Pastors' and Church Leaders' Fellowship is to encourage fellowship among pastors and church leaders worldwide. This in itself will be a blessing. Scripture tells us that the church is similar to our bodies, "...we, being many are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another" (Romans 12:5). From this, we can conclude that our Lord does not intend that any member of the body of Christ should dwell alone. Pastors need to fellowship with others to encourage one another. Pastors can be a comfort to one another; for the comfort that God's grace affords us is also intended to help comfort others who share similar experiences (2 Cor. 1:3-5).

Pastors Fellowship Programs

Conferences and Seminars

CEMI Pastors' and Church Leaders' Fellowship will sponsor conferences and seminars to enhance the knowledge of pastors and church leaders. Exegetical and expository teaching will be conducted from the Bible on certain topics of importance and interest as the Spirit of God leads.

Pastors' and Church Leaders' Fellowship Monthly Meetings

The meeting dates will be determined each month. Mrs. Roenia Grimes, Administrative Assistant, will contact the pastors each month via e-mail and via telephone with a reminder of the meetings. Mrs. Grimes may be contacted at 301-736-2723 or e-mail: mail@cemimission.org or contact CEMI at (301) 219-2296.

Medical Branch

CEMI will collaborate with churches and medical doctors who are affiliated with CEMI to provide training programs pertaining to medical issues. Such training will include Hypertension, Diabetes, Cancer, etc. The medical doctors will visit the churches onsite to provide the training as requested.

CEMI Bible Training

The purpose of CEMI Bible Training is to provide pastors and lay workers a solid and comprehensive Bible education; to ground them in the Word of God, that they may teach and minister to others; to disciple them and cultivate continued spiritual growth; and to train them to be more effective in their ministries. The School of Theology has several programs--a Diploma Program, Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree and Doctor of Ministry Program. Enrollment in any one of these programs will be very inexpensive. Study may also be accomplished through a correspondence program. Pastors and church leaders will be able to complete a degree program while maintaining their full-time ministries.

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Assistance to Pastors in their Mission Program

Provides training on cross-cultural issues and overseas ministry:

CEMI will provide the necessary training for those who will embark on short-term or long-term missionary trips. Such training will include training on environmental issues, medical requirements for missionaries, safety issues, recommended hotels and accommodations in various countries.

Satellite Program:

As requested by churches, CEMI will come on site to teach courses. CEMI will make recommendations about the need for certain courses as it relates to the church of Jesus Christ and the world in which we live today. One such emphasis will be on spiritual warfare. There is a lack of understanding of spiritual warfare in our country among Christians. As such, God's people are not living victorious Christian lives. Other recommended teachings would include materialism, humanism and the appropriateness of certain types of music in the church and for private hearing. The Bible says, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" (Hosea 4:6).

Training on the Fundamental Doctrine and the Purpose of the Church:

CEMI will provide in-depth training on the fundamental doctrine and the purpose of the church according to the Word of God. The fundamental purpose of the church is to evangelize and to equip the saints for the work of ministry. In this session, training will also be focused on how to keep the Word of God in context when teaching the Word of God. Churches must get back to basics.

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