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Prayer Ministry Vision

C.E.M.I.'s vision is that God would used this global Prayer Ministry to prepare His church through the Holy Spirit to go out as the Lord Jesus commanded to proclaimed the gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations.

Pastors must make a commitment to set an example for their families and churches. In addition to intercessory prayer, pastors must also be committed to praying for their own ministries and families. They must not become so involved in ministry that they neglect their own prayer life. The Lord Jesus Christ demonstrated his commitment to prayer. He set an example for all of his followers. The pastors too must set an example for their families and their flocks. The success of ministry is the commitment of the pastors and the church to fast and pray continuously. The prayer of God's people must be Christ-centered and not self-centered. The prayer must be focused on fulfilling the will and work of God and not merely on blessings for oneself.