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Effective Hindu Evangelism

Effective Hindu Evangelism CoverEffective Hindu Evangelism
by Dr. Kelvin M. McCune

About The Book

This book is one of the most informative treatises of the Hindu: his religion, his background, I have ever had the pleasure to study. This book answers so many provocative questions which I have asked myself and others that the author asks and answers at the same time.
This work is the product of thoughtful studies and enlightens the reader who follows each subject with an open heart to learn.
What a text book this will prove to be for the study of missions, and for those who have the call of God to labor among these wonderful Hindu people.
Kelvin McCune himself is an Indian, a descendant of those who were born and lived in the nation of India.
Dr. McCune is a Christian, a seminary graduate, and this work shows his knowledge in many schools of thought, as he answers the Hindu mind and philosophy by God’s word.
This work I recommend highly to those who desire a good, but short, information of this religion of which so few know about.
—Mark G. Cambron, D.D.

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